Why should you learn Go? Go will be the server language of the by Keval Patel

At other times, an overly liberal use of channels can cause unexpected behavior. Using Go mostly forces you to come up with concrete, no-frills, straightforward code. That often means you end up writing more of it than you would have to in other languages. On the other hand, having code that resembles English prose has an advantage in that you rarely have to spend much time figuring out what’s going on.

why use go programming language

Even though Go offers many functions such as “map” or “filter” you will not be able to reuse those same functions for other types of collections. While Go development certainly has its advantages, you might encounter some problems while using it merely because it is so new. Specifically, you might have trouble taking benefits of its libraries. For example, if you get stuck and require assistance, there are not many resources out there to assist you. However, you can expect Google to start creating their libraries as the technology becomes more advanced and the community of developers grows to a sizeable chunk.

Now they can handle logging real-time, transfer it to the database, and make streaming with Websocket from single or multiple services. This is an outstanding outcome from using Go language features. Go was invented in 2007 at such a time when multicore CPU architectures were common everywhere, and no programming language simplified the development of multi-threaded applications. The responsibility of managing different threads safely and efficiently was a huge responsibility on developers. Go is different from other languages; it is young yet so powerful. Goroutines revolutionized competitive programming on the other level.

We spoke with technologists at eight tech companies about what they’ve built in Go, and why they chose it for those particular tools and services. One of Golang’s biggest advantages is that it offers the clarity and ease-of-use that other languages lack. Golang’s advantages make it easy for new programmers to quickly understand the language and for seasoned veterans to easily read each other’s code. Google has released version 1 of its Go programming language, an ambitious attempt to improve upon giants of the lower-level programming world such as C and C++. Using alternative backends reduces compilation speed and Go’s control over garbage collection but provides better machine-code optimization. A desire to keep the language specification simple enough to hold in a programmer’s head, in part by omitting features that are common in similar languages.

Go language has something for everyone

The bottom line about migrating to Golang is it needs to be done if you’re anticipating a surge in service demands that will crash existing infrastructure capacity. Golang is good for businesses with predictable growth and is reliant on quick server responses. No language is suited to every job, but some languages are suited to more jobs than others.

  • Build speeds, in absolute terms, are currently fairly good.
  • Maybe the way to see this isn’t past vs future, but rather big data languages vs. microservice languages.
  • In contrast to python, go is statically typed, implements actual data hiding, and whose interface system is wonderfully simple.
  • Go was announced to the public in 2009, and it was made open source in 2012 when its first version, 1.0, was released.

See godoc.org for addresses and documentation of some packages. Questions “How do I get dynamic dispatch of methods?” and “Why is there no type inheritance?” in the language FAQ. Language FAQ “Why are there no untagged unions…? would violate Go’s memory safety guarantees.” Go’s nil combined with the lack of algebraic types leads to difficulty handling failures and base cases. While methods have special definition and call syntax, there is no distinct method type.

Using Go is easy for software developers, particularly if they already have a solid foundation in C or Java. While the keywords and syntax may slightly differ, Go has the same procedural approach that programmers would familiarize in no time. The lack of support for generic programming in initial versions of Go drew considerable criticism. The Google team built at least one compiler for an experimental Go dialect with generics, but did not release it. Go is undoubtedly a great programming language, but at this stage, it is not for every situation.

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The Go toolchain is freely available as a Linux, MacOS, or Windows binary or as a Docker container. Go is included by default in many popular Linux distributions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora, making it somewhat easier to deploy Go source to those platforms. Support for Go is also strong across many third-party development environments, from Microsoft Visual Studio Code to ActiveState’s Komodo IDE. Principal Software EngineerMark Markaryansaid Go makes it easy for his team to write high-performing code.

why use go programming language

Senior Software EngineerMark Waddlesaid he likes the simplicity of Go, which makes debugging easier than with other languages. Ten years ago, if you had a project you thought you’d obviously need to use Java to build, I feel that these days you would be better off with Go. Go’s clarity and lack of ambiguity around its syntax makes it a favorite with developers. The advantages of a single, programmatically mandated format for all Go programs greatly outweigh any perceived disadvantages of the particular style. “Go Programming Language Specification, §Interface types”. Go does not allow an opening brace to appear on its own line, which forces all Go programmers to use the same brace style.

Twitch – Go’s march to low latency GC

These are essentially concurrent functions that run while the rest of the program completes. In other words, you can fire off a goroutine, have it run, and keep going while it and thousands of its brethren process in the background. Don’t worry, your goroutine will manage it while the main loop continues. Your goroutine will know, and you can gracefully work around the issue. SendGrid, a customer communication platform, decided to move to Go as its primary development language long back in 2014. The SendGrid team needed to make a fundamental shift in their development language, and it boiled down to a competition between Scala, Java, and Go.

why use go programming language

Is a channel that allows sending values of type T between concurrent Go processes. A third-party source-to-source compiler, GopherJS, compiles Go to JavaScript for front-end web development. Many notable companies have already adopted Golang, including Google, Apple, Facebook, and BBC.

One of the reasons that many experts believe Golang has a bright future is because of Google. While there are other factors, Google has a long track record of creating products users love, which offer a lot of value and are easy to use. The fact that it combines the best of traditional languages such as C++ and Python while still being easy Cloud Engineer CI CD Job ID: 1947966 to use will make it very attractive in the future. Go attempts to reduce the amount of typing in both senses of the word. Throughout its design, developers tried to reduce clutter and complexity. Package testing of Go and the “go test” command automates the execution of any function of the form and automates testing for Go packages.

Some applications just lend themselves to certain programming paradigms. Many open-source projects (e.g., Jaeger, Kubernetes, Docker, InfluxDB, Serf, etc.) are now written in Go. In contrast, the older projects (e.g., Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc.) are written in Java,” wrote Fadhil. Go compiles instantly to machine code, so it makes the edit/refresh cycle relatively fast, and still reasonably efficient machine code is produced.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Golang?

No matter what you named your file, make sure the “package main” is available on top of your code. To install Go on your Windows machine, you first have to download Go from the official website. Click on the one that correlates to your OS and install it. You might hear the language called both Go and Golang, which might be confusing. But Golang is just another name for Go – and Go remains the official name. Java has a very good history of backward compatibility and the Compatibility Guide for JDK 8 is extensive.

Stream – Why We Switched from Python to Go

Plus, the test you used is not even going to be the same algorithm every time. So you are essentially comparing regular expression implementations, and without the multiple run thing I mentioned, making it apples and oranges. One of the primary developers of GO was a Brian Kernighan, who also happend to be one of the inventors of the C programming language.

The verbosity adds clarity for future maintainers of unkown skill level. Working on Ruby or PHP projects where previous developers have tried to be “clever” https://topbitcoinnews.org/ making everything magic, you have a hard time writing obfuscated code in Go. I learnt Nim first but Go won me over with the established eco system.

A subreddit for all questions related to programming in any language. Go has a minimal grammar, few keywords, and you can generally do things in only a very small number of ways. Concurrency is a baked in primitive, and IMO go does a really great job at providing a powerful yet simple set of concurrent primitives (ie. channels).

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